The Reverend Lameteria D. Hall

  The Reverend Lameteria D. Hall Lameteria started her journey of exploring the New Thought teachings in 1989 at Christ Universal Temple In Chicago, Illinois under the spiritual leadership of, The Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon.  

In 1991, she relocated to Baltimore Maryland, where she met a group of individuals, who were travelling the same path. They collaborated, and eventually founding “One God One Thought Center for Better Loving, Inc, in 1994.

Rev. Lameteria skill set covers a variety of areas. She is particularly skilled in operations, as she served as a minister, and senior leader in the overall management of Church Operations. Her work in leadership was not relegated only to Church Ministry but, she served as executive leader for multiple non-profit organizations. One of the successes was, to serve as educator in a diverse population of students at various educational levels, and as an Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at a Community College for five (5) years.

Rev. Lameteria currently serves as the Dean of Teacher Training Academy for The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary.

As a spirit-driven leader, her mission is to inspire others to spread Joy within their communities and promote the spirit of “World Peace & Prosperous Living.” She lovingly delights in her role as a wife, mother, and grandma.

Rev. Lameteria is an ordained and licensed minister of The Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc. She serves as the Senior Minister of Verity Centre for Better Living, in Toronto, Ontario Canada.