Rev. Evan W. Reid

During Rev. Evan’s studies in London, he was introduced to the English translation of the Bhagavad Gita and it is out of reading and eventually studying it, that he realized all ancient writings must be taken as metaphors, and not literally‎.  

Out of a health challenge in his thirties, he began to seek methods and techniques that could help him to align himself with who he really was and not what others thought of him. This search led Rev. Evan to disciplines of meditation and breathing, and through them, he realised the power that the mind has over the body.  

In 1982 he enrolled in the Johnnie Colemon Institute and became a licensed teacher in 1985 and eventually, a minister in 1987 and in that year became the teacher-director and then minister of Christ Universal Centre, Toronto, ON. 

In 1995 Christ Universal Centre was incorporated and became Verity Centre for Better Living Inc.  Rev. Evan was UFBL's Regional Director for the Caribbean, and a faithful panel member of the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary Licensing and Ordination Committe. 

Rev. Evan Reid made his transition in 2020.