Our MultiMedia Ministry is in a constant evolution process to stay present, relevant and connected with the community.  Just like the industry with different points of contact, our ministry is based on a similar philosophy.  We have the media (YouTube, Newsletters, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram)  aspect led by Renee Richards. The technical (audio & video) is led by Tracy Reece with strong support from Sheldon Edwards.  Together we believe “Teamwork makes dreamwork”  as we bring the thought into reality by way of engaging content; keeping you in the loop and creating experiences.  

Our team is passionate about extending our reach to build and unify the community.  

Our intention is to connect and engage you in a meaningful way while supporting any inquiries.   We are always looking for individuals who want to assist with fulfilling our intention, individuals looking for an opportunity to be of service and expand as well as express your creative ideas. 

Contact: admin@veritycentre.org if you are interested in joining the team or have creative ideas.